Label Spotlight – The New York City Jazz Record

Cadillac Records is proud to be featured in the Label Spotlight section of the latest issue of The New York City Jazz Record. Download the complete issue here. Text by Mark Keresman; extract reproduced here with credit to The New York City Jazz Record.

“Record labels are as common as blades of grass these days but as any music devotee familiar with the ups and downs of the business will tell you, that commonality is superficial. Some labels end up having a specific impact (sometimes aimed for, sometimes not). Other outfits put a new set of clothing on sounds from the past. And still others focus on styles that mainstream outfits -and even some indie labels – would find anathema…or downright commercial suicide. Cadillac specializes in, mostly but not entirely, styles of jazz too chancy for mainstream concerns and provides a daïs of sorts for some of the UK’s – and beyond – jazz makers. […]

“Reissues of important UK discs include trumpeter [Harry] Beckett’s Joy Unlimited from 1974 and currently a best seller of Cadillac’s catalogue. This is a gem; while its fusion aspects date parts of it slightly, Joy Unlimited sounds as if it could’ve been spawned last year: a joy-filled mélange of forward-looking hardbop and a bit of soul-jazz, with concise soloing and persuasive, engaging grooves that are direct yet never pander to searching for that mythical Wider Audience. The track “Not Just Tomorrow” could score medium airplay even now (among more enlightened FM outlets) with its loping, pulsating rhythm and heartfelt and sweetly melodious trumpet solo.”

Thanks to Mark and all at The Record for their kind words!

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