JOY – Joy

JOY – Joy

Super rare 1970s British jazz from Joy: Chris Francis, James Dvorak, Frank Roberts, Ernest Mothle, Keith Bailey reflecting the young, multicultural, vibrant flavours of mid-70s London. Funky, hip, committed, Joy is one of the forgotten gems of London jazz

Originally released in 1976 on vinyl, Cadillac and Joy are delighted to offer a first CD/Digital reissue with extra, previously unissued material and an LP reissue of the original release reissued for the first time on vinyl and remastered for LP at Gearbox Studios. The album has been remixed and remastered from the original tapes.

The mid-70s should be seen as a vibrant and fecund period for British jazz including Spear, Molongo, The Brotherhood of Breath, Keith Tippett and Elton Dean’s groups and and others were bands such as The Quintet (Joy’s direct precursor), Keith Bailey’s Orbit, Chris Francis’ Naima, Maggie Nichols’ Voice, Dave Defries’ Lemonspiel, Gary Windo’s I Dogu featuring Frank Roberts, Quincicasm, Landscape, Harry Becket’s Joy Unlimited, Isotope – all working with the punk ethic and generating a special scene. Joy was part of this: there was undoubtedly a buzz around this hip young multicultural band featuring London musicians from South Africa, The Caribbean, The US and UK. The LP that came out in 1976 only increased the buzz: one of the best of the bands playing in the contemporary post-bop style but with their own material.


Alto Saxophone – Chris Francis 
Trumpet – James Dvorak
Piano – Frank Roberts
Bass – Ernest Mothle
Drums – Keith Bailey

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