As We Stand

Tori Handsley – As We Stand

“This album means so much to me and distills my observations, feelings and deepest expressions, reflecting on where we stand at this point in time, and our place in nature. It is the right time to stand and see the disruption humans have caused to nature’s balance and our growing disconnection from our natural landscape. ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind’ is about the sea, a place we are slowly seeing the harm caused, to the reefs, ecosystems, and from plastic pollution. ‘Polar Retreat’ reflects on the melting of the ice caps and celebrates our wild,
barren landscapes, we are at risk of losing.

“I feel we’re standing at a vital crossroads, as we realise the damage that we have caused to our natural world, a world so many of us love and all depend on. It is only through these realisations we can find creative solutions and see new possibilities to create a brighter world.

“Every day I meet so many amazing people and have so many inspiring conversations with great thinkers across all fields, artists, environmentalists, climate change scientists, about these topics, which keep me moving forwards and jumping out of bed each day. I am so grateful to all the people I meet on the ground, at gigs, and the young people I work with who give me energy and hope for the future. I believe it is only through our vision, hope, realising we have a choice, and leading the way, we can create a wonderful world and the future we would love to see.

This album culminates many years of research, developing my own sound and techniques to communicate and express themes closest to my heart. This journey has brought times of elation, and taken me through times of feeling in the dark, as you stand out from the trodden path, but it is the extraordinary power of human communication which keeps me going.

“I hope this album will encourage others to find and use their unique voice, our gift as humans, to powerfully communicate in our world.” 


released November 27, 2020

Tori Handsley – Electric Harp + Fx, Piano, Moses Boyd – Drums, Ruth Goller – Bass, Sahra Gure – Vocals (Tracks 4, 8, 9)
All songs composed by Tori Handsley

Recorded at Evolution Recording Studios
Mixed by Dilip Harris
Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering
Produced by Tori Handsley

Artwork by Swifty
Photography: Front & back cover – Pete Williams; Inside cover – Steven Cropper

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