The Jazz Doctors – Bonus Material

The Jazz Doctors: Billy Bang, Frank Lowe, Wilbur Morris, Thurman Barker

In rereleasing the classic Jazz Doctors session LP Intensive Care, Cadillac unearthed a wealth of additional material. Photos flyers, memories from contemporaries – all will be collated on this page.

Listen to the record here

Photos taken originally for the release of the second Jazz Doctors album, released now for the first time by Alan Nahigian

The photo shoot was taken at East River Park in Manhattan. I believe it was near [Billy] Bang’s apartment on east 14th street. Frank Lowe told me that The Jazz Doctors name and being dressed in the medical scrubs was inspired by Lester Bowie. As I mentioned before, I saw the band perform at the Picnic House in Prospect Park Brooklyn as part of the MOBI (Musicians of Brooklyn Initiative) series that was curated by Lester Bowie.

I visited John Jack [Cadillac Records founder], I believe at the Shaftesbury Ave location in 1988. He still insisted that he had enough of the recording to release an album so I let him keep the photos. Over the years he still insisted that he was going to issue a release, I finally gave up and had someone pick up my photos at the Tileyard Road office in 2007.

In 1985 The Jazz Doctors performed at The Picnic House in Prospect Park Brooklyn. I believe that the concert was recorded by Lester Bowie who produced the show. I assume his brother Joe has the tapes or knows where they are.
Alan Nahigian

More coming soon…

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