Harry Beckett – Joy Unlimited released

At last, the day is upon us! The reissue of Harry Beckett’s beautiful album Joy Unlimited, originally recorded in 1974, is released today. Here’s some nice things that’ve been said about it already.

“Exuberant and energizing, it has catchy tunes and frill-free arrangements. It is the absolute, total, care-free flipside of the moody contemporaneous work of Miles Davis and makes great summertime listening…[Harry] was an early pioneer of a culturally distinct strand of Caribbean and African-enriched jazz, which in 2020 is a key ingredient in the new London jazz of players such as Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia, Binker Golding and Camilla George.” Chris May, All About Jazz

“A decade after his death, his own recordings are less easy to find, so this reissue from 1975 – nicely packaged by Cadillac with new notes from Beckett biographer John Thurlow – is lovely to have.” Jon Turney, London Jazz

Julian Joseph played the beautiful calypso inspired Glowing from Joy Unlimited on BBC Radio 3 J-Z: “A subtle calypso & jazz rock flavour from the trumpet of UK jazz legend Harry Beckett.”

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