Cadillac Records is 50!

April 5th 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Cadillac Records, the DIY label set up by John Jack and Mike Westbrook in 1973 to release Mike’s album Live! (SGC1001). To commemorate this momentous event ace designer Frode Sorensen has reworked the famous Cadillac logo for the anniversary – cleaning it up and giving it a modern spin – and the label will celebrate with a selection of reissues from our back catalogue and a live event at Cafe Oto on 28th September 2023 with our sister label Ogun Recordings.

The album that started it all.
Schedule for the first half of 2023:

SGCS1023 Younger Zen – Oy Me Redentor – Third digital single from Trinidad steel pan project.

SGC020 Jazz Doctors – Intensive Care: Prescriptions Filled – The Billy Bang Quartet sessions 1983/1984. Reissue of the 1984 LP for the first time on CD including a whole new session. Featuring Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, Rafael Garrett, Dennis Charles, Wilbur Morris, Thurman Barker.

SGCLP020 Jazz Doctors – Intensive Care. The original 1984 album, remastered and reissued on vinyl.

SGC022 Joy – Joy. First time on CD, remastered from the tapes with extra tracks and new notes. Brilliant lost recording from great 70s British band featuring Chris Francis, James Dvorak, Frank Roberts, Ernest Mothle, Keith Bailey.

SGCLP022 Joy – Joy. Reissue of the 1976 LP remastered from the tapes and including extended versions of 2 tracks.

SGCLP023 Johnny Dyani Rejoice. Reissue on vinyl LPSGCLP024 Johnny Dyani – Together. Reissue on vinyl LP.

Cadillac Records was founded by John Jack and Mike Westbrook in 1973. It was a DIY label before the term was invented, a vehicle initially intended to release Mike’s albums when, as part of a wider malaise that affected jazz in the mid 70s, the major labels that had supported the new generation of artists withdrew into the conservative, money-minded cul-de-sac that has in retrospect proved their downfall.

John Jack took the opportunity offered and ran with it in characteristic fashion, fashioning a boutique label that reflected his wide tastes and anarchic personality. From his old friends Ken Colyer and Stan Tracey, to albums by modern tyros Frank Lowe, David Murray and up and coming UK artists Joy, Andy Sheppard & Hornweb, the only rationale was the musical one. 

When Cadillac Music & Publishing owner John Jack died on 7 September 2017 he was still working on a number of projects for release on the label. In order to bring some of these projects into the light Cadillac will continue to trade as a label, reissuing out of print recordings and bringing out never before issued gems from Cadillac’s dusty archive.

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